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Consulting services

Service overview

We offer wide range of consulting services to realize strategic goals such as starting new brokerage businesses, introducing new financial products, expanding sales channels to the Internet, etc. We provide both business operations related consulting services and information technology related consulting services.

For system implementation projects, we fully leverage our financial system implementation know-how to support GAP analysis, “To-Be” business flow development and so on. To plan and prepare for the changes, it is essential for smooth migration of business operations.
We also offer technology related consulting such as architecture design, hardware selections and external system interface design.
Using our consulting service, we can implement our software solutions with one-stop service.

Our Achievements

Retail Broker
- Brokerage business establishment support
- Back office operations start-up support
Internet Broker
- Internet brokerage business planning support
- Trading system development and implementation planning support
Wholesale Broker/Dealer
- Corporate IT strategy development support
(This can range from business strategy planning to technology infrastructure development and maintenance support.)
Corporate Finance and Treasury Association of Japan
- Research reports of CP regulations and CP settlement infrastructure in Europe.
- Development of Paperless CP Settlement System Grand Design corresponding to enforcement of the new Paperless CP regulations.
- Research reports on bond issuance regulations and bond settlement infrastructure in major Asian countries.
- Arrangement of research project "Bond, CP and Loan regulatory structure and vision for reform" by Prof. Kanda of Tokyo University.
Major foreign-financed securities firm
- Consulting and other support for the implementation of a trading system for the affluent client.
Major FX firm
- Support for securities department establishment preparation and for system implementation

Examples of Our Support

For those who intend to start a brokerage business, we can support developing FSA registration documents, internal control rules, operations manuals, etc. Along with implementation of FLARE back office system, we can also arrange meetings with clearing agents and exchange members. We also provide assistance during the hardware and software installation required to start a new business.
In a system migration project, it is essential to revisit operational flows in order to improve operational efficiency and to reduce operational risks. We support GAP analysis between current and new systems, developing "To-Be" operational flow, developing operations manuals, user training and so on.
In a system implementation project where multiple vendors and multiple systems are mutually related, a clear project plan, continuous issue resolution and overall progress management are critical to the project's success. We can help client project managers develop project plans as well as capture early warning signs that may affect the overall project plan.