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Substitute securities management service

Service overview

Our substitute securities management service, which cooperates with the front office system, is useful when users want to use securities in place of margins for FX/CFD trades.

  • I want to begin margin trading, but I do not have any spare cash.
  • I want to make effective use of the listed securities I hold.

  • They want to find an effective use for listed securities that have long been unused, so that they will produce income.
  • They want to manage Money Value of Substitute Stocks for Margin for individual instruments.
  • They feel that FX/CFD and other 7 x 24 trading are difficult to handle on the existing system.

  • Our back office system (FLARE) is available.
  • 24 × 7 operation is possible.
  • Money Value of Substitute Stocks for Margin can be set for each instrument.
  • Creation and management of customer legal account ledgers
    Trade report, trade balance report, and margin-substitute securities reception report
  • Creation and management of substitute securities related management forms
    Table of securities-by-instrument balances, detailed table of safe/substitute deposit balances, detailed table of compensable customer assets, and others
  • Designated accounts can be handled.
  • Connection with the front office system is possible.
    1. To the front office system
        Substitute appraisal value, receipts and issues, and balance data
    2. From the front office system
        Data for substitute securities transfer/sell instructions

Case of substitute securities receipt (fictitious example)

Case of substitute securities issue (fictitious example)