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COMET Overview

COMET is a multichannel product. It not only allows trade executions and balance information to be transmitted to cellular phones, it also can be used with call centers, retail branches, and other communication channels.

  • Multichannel
  • Manage real time positions and cash balances while trading multiple products.
  • Able to easily interface with external systems such as those of market data vendors.

Full range of interfaces

If the client is already conducting business over multiple communications channels, such as the Internet and cellular phones, we can offer smooth integration and continuity. If a customer makes an inquiry to a call center, your staff will be able to see the same information the customer sees on his terminal.

Connectivity with Exchanges

In addition to direct order interfaces with the securities exchanges, we can also facilitate real time order handling with intermediary firms. Our systems conform to local requirements for domestic exchange traded products, and to international requirements for foreign listed products (FIX protocol). This allows companies to continue using their current OMS systems.

System Setup Examples

We can meet the needs of both Internet securities companies and securities firms that use traditional retail branches. An example of a system setup at the time that COMET is introduced is shown below.
(As with FLARE, implementation can be through the customer's data center or via our ASP service.)