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What is DEP FOREX?

In the margin forex trading business, despite the expansion of trading volumes and increasing customer numbers, many pressures weigh on profitability. Downward pressure on fees and spreads continue, capital investment requirements remain high, and the regulators continue to enforce strict standards for system controls. Our more than five years of experience in system development and maintenance allows us to meet the needs of market participants with a comprehensive system that helps businesses secure stable revenues.

  • High operational stability and fault tolerance.
  • Advanced functionality
  • Flexibility to respond to changes in the business environment

In addition to meeting these requirements, we provide a comprehensive support package that covers operations and maintenance.

DEP (Derivatives Exchange Platform) is based on the concept of sharing costs that do not contribute to competitive advantage. It is a package solution that covers maintenance, operations, and workflow consulting.

System features

Our FX system allows trade processing for separate currencies and as a result provides excellent processing power. Increases in the number of accounts and volume of data can be handled through the planned scalability that is built into the system. To achieve the high fault tolerance demanded by regulators, we designed the FX system so that it will allow you to continue trading even when an error occurs on the server. This will eventually lead to lower operating costs by enabling you to reduce maintenance human resources and other expenditures.

We include advanced FX functionalities in the system by taking advantage of the know-how we accumulated to fulfill customization requirements from various firms while in the process of providing functions to them.
These functionalities provide easier operation, better visibility, and higher convenience, thereby contributing to increased trading opportunities.
In addition, as a feature that is critical to ensuring firms earnings, we offer affluent automated cover deal functionalities that do not depend on the skills of particular resources.
Our FX system provides a solution to the most significant and crucial problem of determining how to assure both profitability and risk management from system viewpoints.

Firms are currently likely to be confronted with internal system changes, such as those required to fulfill compliance needs or to add new functions, as well as significant business environment changes. These can include the startup of brand-new products that are to be controlled by different regulations and those associated with mergers. When confronted with such changes, you can quickly modify your system by adding appropriate single modules. This rapid modular adjustment can greatly reduce the risk that the time required for system changeovers will result in bottlenecks and assures timely system changes that are compatible with rapid managerial decisions.

Front office system

  • Ajax is used for price board display.
  • Use of Ajax drastically reduces server loads and network bandwidth usage.
  • It also dispenses with the necessity for Java JRE installation on client terminals to improve convenience for customers.

  • Functions for quote, market, limit, IFD, OCO, IFDOCO, no-limit, and trail ordering are implemented.
  • Initial settings can be specified for quick ordering, slippage, currency pairs, and order quantities.

  • Various standard tools are provided so that you will not miss trade opportunities.
  • News from various sources (including Reuters and GI24), market information, target mailing service, profit and loss simulations, and so on
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