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What is DEP-INDEX?

DEPINDEX is an online trading system for Nikkei 225 Futures and Options. Its function covers the entire trading process encompassing order reception, order release, position management, and price information distribution.

Product features

  • Browser screen for PCs (supporting IE)
  • Browser screen for cellular phones (supporting DoCoMo, AU, and Softbank phones)
  • Margin calculation engine with high investment efficiency
  • E-Mini Futures trading and evening session trading are supported.
  • Flexible system configuration that facilitates quick response to system scale changes
  • Stop orders, IF-DONE orders, IF-DONE/OCO orders, and OCO orders are supported.
  • Automatic compulsion settlement
  • APIs

Margin calculation engine

DEPINDEX uses a margin calculation method that compensates for the risk of the open position using the SPAN parameter.

Margin requirement = (1) margin amount - (2) Total amount of net and option values


DEPINDEX provides APIs that cover virtually all PC functionalities.
You can also use DEPINDEX via a BtoB connection feature that is developed by another vendor for linkage with trading clients.

  • IBM-WMQ messaging
  • Use of a jar module is also supported.

  • Order status (accepted, ordered, or executed) change notification
  • System status change notification

  • Message Queuing protocols
  • Selective inclusion of information in the user header area
    As shown above, flexible customization is possible.

Price information

DEPINDEX complies with Thomson Reuters APIs as an external system interface to distribute price information on a real-time basis in a "push" fashion.
* We concluded a development license contract with Thomson Reuters Inc.

Back office sytem linkage

Our extensive experience enables DEPINDEX to easily establish linkage with several leading back office system services.
Various data exchange functions and a data reconciling function are supported.

System construction

DEPINDEX allows you to construct a system in a scalable manner by using our data center.
Our professional teams will help you in hardware choices, database construction, network construction, and various other factors.
* System construction is also possible outside our data center.

Operation and support framework

DEPINDEX supports you 24 × 7. It provides operation and monitoring services.

  • Operation support
  • Monitoring (on resources, dead/alive status, error logs, job execution, and others)
  • System enhancement proposal (for both scale-up and scale-out)
  • Inquires about the product specifications


DEPINDEX can be flexibly adapted to your product customization requirements.